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SEO Vancouver (at is officially the TOP SEO Team Serving the Vancouver Region, all of Canada, the United States, and clients Worldwide! We are experts in Local SEO, Canada-wide SEO, Ecommerce SEO, as well as International SEO. We are on Page 1 in the Vancouver Market for all Vancouver related SEO keywords. SEO Update: we are now on Page 1 for many Hundreds of SEO Keywords related to our markets in Vancouver as well as All of Canada. Not only that, we are now #1 for over 70% of our local target keywords throughout Canada, clearly more than All our competitors Combined! Based on our results over 12 years, we are without a doubt the best SEO team for Vancouver, all of Canada, the United States, and very possibly the best worldwide!

Our SEO Results Speak for Themselves, here are some recent results:

    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER (.net) totally rocking in Google, Number #1 for “SEO Vancouver” in Google it yourself!
    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER (.net) totally rocking in, Page #1 for the most competitive keyword in the world:”SEO“, check Google yourself!
    • Breaking SEO News: Our corporate website totally rocking in Bing AND Yahoo, number #1 for BOTH “seo vancouver” AND “vancouver seo” in BOTH!
    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER (.net) totally rocking in Bing AND Yahoo, number #2 for BOTH “seo vancouver” AND “vancouver seo” in BOTH! Now we have both #1 AND #2!!!
    • Breaking SEO News: Smart Budz is on Page 1 in for numerous brands, such as Mr Kush, Onliflowers, Stoner Patch, and many others. Google it yourself.
    • Breaking SEO News: We now have TWO websites on Page 1 for SEO, both our websites AND !
    • Breaking SEO News: New client Sarman Fashion ! Sarman is a leading fashion brand providing wholesale clothing in Canada. Page 1 in Google for “Canada fashion brand” in just 1 week!
    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER is on Page #1 in Google for both “seo vancouver” AND “vancouver seo” !
    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER totally rocking in Google, Page #1 for “SEO Vancouver“, Google it yourself!
    • Breaking SEO News: website reaches Page #1 in for super competitive keyword: “Search Engine Optimization“.
    • Breaking SEO News: Our corporate website reaches Page #1 in for super competitive keyword: “Search Engine Optimization“.
    • Breaking SEO News: We now have TWO websites on Page 1 for AND !
    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER is on Page #1 in Google for both “seo vancouver” AND “vancouver seo” !
    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER totally rocking in Bing AND Yahoo, number #1 for both “seo vancouver” AND “vancouver seo” in BOTH!
    • Breaking SEO News: Our client reached Page 1 in Yahoo AND Bing for the super competitive keyword: TSXThis keyword alone gets over 500,000 searches per month. This is probably the most competitive keyword in Canada, and one of the most competitive in the world! Our client outranks even Google Finance AND Wikipedia, not just in Canada but in ALL the countries of the World, including the United States market! We are the best in the world for SEO! SEO UPDATE: Page 1 for “tsx today” in Yahoo and Bing, in both Canada and the United States, and all other countries! Number #1 in Google for “tsxtoday” WORLDWIDE, Canada, USA, Everywhere! SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “tsx today live” AND “todays tsx”. BIG SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in for “tsx today”. HUGE SEO UPDATE: Page #1 in (USA and ALL other countries) for “tsx today”!!! WE ARE THE BEST!
    • Breaking SEO News: Our USA client Narcisse NYC is now NUMBER #1 in ALL of New York City for sex toys, “sex toys New York”, “sex toys New York City”, “sex toys NYC”, “sex toys Brooklyn”, etc, in!
    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER is now the leader for dispensary marketing in all of Canada, we are number one for “Dispensary SEO“.
    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER totally rocking in Yahoo, NUMBER #1 for “SEO“, yahoo it yourself
    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER totally rocking in Bing, NUMBER #1 for “SEO“, bing it yourself! 
    • Breaking SEO News: SEO VANCOUVER totally rocking in Google for “SEO in Canada“, google it yourself!
    • Breaking SEO News: We are the BEST for SEO in the SEO market in Vancouver, Canada! We are on Page #1 for 100% of our Vancouver related SEO keywords. This is unique and completely unprecedented, showcasing the unique methodology that we have developed over 15 years of research and development in SEO. We can do this for you too! No need to pay per keyword, we can get you ranked for ALL of them! Find us on Page #1 for ALL SEO related keywords in Vancouver, such as SEO Vancouver or Vancouver SEO. In fact often we have 2 or more pages on Page #1 in or SEO UPDATE: Search in and for SEO Vancouver or Vancouver SEO and find us the Number #1 Local Listing in the local maps! SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “SEO BC” !!! SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for ‘SEO training Vancouver”!! SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “Vancouver SEO Consultant”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 for “Search Engine Marketing Vancouver”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 for “seo Vancouver company”. Latest SEO Rankings report here: SEO RANKINGS for SEO VANCOUVER Nov18 2016. HUGE SEO UPDATE: SEO VANCOUVER outranks BCIT for “seo training vancouver”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “guaranteed seo Vancouver” and “guaranteed seo Canada”.
    • Breaking SEO News: Our dispensary clients are now on Page 1 in for keywords such as “Vancouver dispensary”, “dispensary Vancouver”, “weed delivery”, and many others. 
    • We are the BEST for Local SEO (search engine optimization)! We rank very well with local searches worldwide! For example even though our domain name does not include the city name “Burnaby”, we rank Number #1 in the organic searches in Google for all the important SEO search terms related to Burnaby, such as “SEO Burnaby” and “Burnaby SEO” and “SEO Company Burnaby”. Just search Google and see for yourself. Burnaby is a major city in British Columbia, Canada, with over 230,000 inhabitants. The same for SEO Alberta and Alberta SEO, we are now on Page 1 even though our website is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. LOCAL SEO UPDATE: We are now Number #1 for “SEO Alberta”!!! LOCAL SEO UPDATE: Number #1 for “SEO Richmond”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 for “SEO Surrey” and “SEO Surrey BC” !! SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “SEO North Vancouver”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 for “local seo Delta BC”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “Langley seo expert”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “seo West Vancouver”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “New Westminster seo expert”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 for “SEO Maple Ridge”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “SEO Squamish” in just 1 month!
    • Congratulations to our American SEO client: Narcisse NYC! They are now at the top of for “sex toys Brooklyn” and “sex store Brooklyn” !! SEO UPDATE: Top of Google for “lingerie Brooklyn” and “lingerie store in Brooklyn” !! HUGE SEO UPDATE: Narcisse NYC is now Number 1 in ALL of New York City area for keywords such as “sex toys”, “sex toys new york”, “sex toys nyc”, and all related keyword terms with tens of thousands of searches every month! 
    • Congratulations to our SEO client: Honey Gifts Canada. They are now in Page #1 in for the exclusive brand name “Sylvie Monthule”. They are the Only Canadian website ranking on Page #1 in, even though many many stores across the country carry this expensive brand.  UPDATE: Honey Gifts now DOMINATES it’s local niche with our help. Find them NUMBER ONE in Google for keywords such as “sex toys vancouver”, “vancouver sex toys”, “sex store vancouver”, “vancouver sex shop”, and countless other keywords. Their traffic and revenue has increased by over 900% in just 1 year! The cost for them: just $499/month (Canadian dollars, 50% cheaper than US costs). SEO UPDATE: is on page #1 in Google Canada for the brand name “Rodeoh Canada”. SEO UPDATE: is now on Page #1 in for the super competitive keyword: “sex toys”! This is definitely worth a LOT of profits! SEO UPDATE: Page #1 in for “sex toy”! SEO UPDATE: Number #2 for “lingerie vancouver” ! SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “sexy lingerie vancouver”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “bondage Vancouver”. SEO UPDATE: Number 2 in Google for “vancouver lingerie”. BIG SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google throughout Canada for “bondage gear” and “sexy bondage lingerie”. Essentially we are getting tired of all the SEO UPDATES we have to make 🙂 Honey Gifts now ranks for THOUSANDS of keywords (5,000+), for some 1,000 of them in the TOP 3! Honey Gifts gets 250,000 page views PER MONTH! SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google in ALL of Canada for “bondage lingerie”. GREAT SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google in ALL of Canada for “sex shop”, “vibraters”, “butt plug”, “sex store”, “adult toys”, “cupless bra”, “male sex toys”, “sex toys for men”, “adult store”, “erotic canada”, “fleshlight canada”, “adult sex toys”, “dildos canada””the art of loving”, and COUNTLESS others! SEO UPDATE: Number 1 in Google for “bondage Vancouver”. HUGE SEO UPDATE: Number #2 in Google for “sex Vancouver” AND “Vancouver sex”, making Honey Gifts THE leading retailer in Vancouver in all their market! Number #1 for “sex Vancouver BC”.
    • Congratulations to our Corporate SEO client: Alpha Neon Signs, a division of well known Crafstman Collision! 
    • Congratulations to our SEO client Amber Sign! They are now at the top of Google for: “sign design Vancouver”! SEO UPDATE: They are now on Page #1 in Google for “signs Vancouver”!! SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for: “vancouver sign shop”. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 in Google for “signage vancouver”.
    • Congratulations to our new project “Closest Dispensaries“. SEO UPDATE: Page 1 for: “trap house dispensary”, “kosher leaf dispensary”, “ossington healing centre”, “joomla dispensary”, “broadview medicinals”, “bbs lifestyle saskatoon”, “closest dispensaries to me”, “bc dispensary list”. HUGE SEO UPDATE: #2 in Bing for ALL of Canada AND the United States for “dispensary near me”.
    • SEO Update: At the moment we are focusing on ranking for SEO and SEO CANADA. Search for SEO Canada or Canada SEO and you will find us on Page 1. There is no comparison with any other SEO consultant. SEO UPDATE: Page #1 for “seo in Canada”.
    • SEO Update: Just search Google for SEO Canada and you will find us on Page 1!
    • Another SEO Update: Just search in Google for SEO and find us in the TOP 10! SEO UPDATE: Search in Yahoo and Bing for SEO and find us on Page 1! SEO UPDATE: Search for SEO and find us on Page 1 in!
    • Our clients rank on page 1 for hundreds of keywords each, for example ranks on page 1 for over 250 keywords (details here )
    • We get results very quickly, for example we went from rank 120+ to the TOP 10 rank in in just 1 month for the super competitive keyword “SEO Canada” (details here) 

We are in the TOP 10  in All of Canada for the Super Competitive Keyword “SEO” (see report). To check out our full rankings, see the latest 40 Page SEO Report for SEOinVancouver: here . We accomplished this goal in just 5 Months! We are ahead of hundreds of competitors who charge Much More Than Us! Our competitors now BUY their SEO Rankings by buying Google Adwords! You should not trust any SEO team that buys Google Adwords to advertise on Google search results, it shows that they cannot do SEO. If they could get traffic from Google naturally, they would not need to pay for Google ads. If they cannot rank their own websites naturally, they cannot rank yours! We get you natural rankings that are more affordable as well as more trusted by internet viewers. We have a Lowest Price Guarantee, don’t pay for SEO or Adwords until you get an estimate from us (here). We help you focus on What You Do, and let us do the SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media or Web Design.

Why Sign Up with SEOVancouver.NET for

SEO Vancouver Services:

We are UNIQUE! Our copyrighted method provides uncomparable results for our clients, out competing Google Finance itself, outcompeting Wikipedia, and providing THOUSANDS of users every day to our clients. Our clients make MILLIONS of dollars every year from our work.

We are experts at dominating niche markets whether in one region (such as Vancouver, the GVRD, Surrey, West Vancouver, etc) as well as dominating entire topics throughout Canada (such as Drilling Companies, Private Placements, Mining, TSX, SEO, etc).

Because we are the Best Ranked SEO Website about the SEO Vancouver Region, we Know how to rank Your website about Vancouver related topics! Others do not have this expertise. We are the only experts that can rank you for Vancouver, all of GVRD, all of BC. For a limited time this is at a lower price than usual. We optimize for All your keywords even if there are 1,000 of them. Current special offer: for a limited time 75% OFF introductory offer, depending on several factors.  Request a quote for your website today!

We also specialize in SEO for smaller cities in BC, such as Surrey, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Victoria, etc. Call us to check the price for your area. We also provide BC-wide SEO.

Because we are in the TOP 10 throughout All of Canada, we are your #1 choice for Canada-wide SEO. We have the most SEO presence throughout all of Canada, all provinces, all cities. We are the chosen SEO for Canada for some of the biggest companies in the world, including one of the biggest credit card companies, major hotel chains, and other major players. The introductory offer is still ongoing, at 75% Off regular price. Call us for a quote today.

We also provide SEO for the US market, all of North America, UK SEO, Spanish SEO, French SEO, Australia SEO, German SEO, Japan SEO, China SEO, Joomla SEO, Youtube SEO, Video SEO, WordPress SEO, Drupal SEO, Law Firm SEO, Real Estate SEO, and many other specialties. Contact us to find out if we cover the area that you want.

But why do you need SEO in Vancouver? For Organic, Natural, Safe, Search Engine Optimization

Many people have a website, very few of them are actually getting profits from their websites.

Websites can be an effective tool for generating sales leads and attracting new readers to your website. But it is just a tool.

There are many web designers who can design a website. However, their expertise is not making your website work for you!

We at SEO Vancouver provide the key ingredient:  The Internet Viewers!

It takes great online marketing effort to transform your website into a lead generation system that funnels new customers into your business, or returning readers to your blog.

Why Design Just a Website? Build an online lead generating system. . .

Without proper SEO implementation, you end up with just another site that will never bring you serious revenue potential.

SEO Consulting Services — We Build an SEO system that brings results!

We understand that SEO is one of the foundations of your online marketing campaign.

We build optimized, search engine friendly SEO campaigns that are strategically designed to generate higher search engine rankings.

Our team has over 40 years combined experince in SEO, Marketing, Sales and Public Relations, including working for billion dollar corporations.  

SEO is a race. In a race you want the best Jockey. And we are the best! Second best does not cut it. 

Why SEO in Vancouver:

Our SEO development service includes:

1. strategic planning and online marketing consulting

2. search engine friendly link building

3. SEO-oriented copywriting and content creation, including corporate videos, apps, software,

4. traffic generation (including Google Adwords PPC and Search Engine Optimization)

5. web analytics and ROI tracking

6. media presence on radio, newspapers, webzines, blogs, review sites, news release distribution, and much more

In short — everything you need to start seeing steady results from your website.

Our SEO services are much more affordable than other competitors, and your investment is nominal compared with the potential returns that it can produce.

If you are going to invest in a website anyway, doesn’t it make sense to do things the right way and ensure you get a return on your investment?

PS. Looking to revamp your website? Ask for our advice when redesigning your website.

We can help you , whether you are building a personal website or blog, a business site, or even a huge site with hundreds of thousands of visitors.

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) … Providing Expert SEO Services in Vancouver. … We use the best-in-class SEO tools to manage your SEO campaigns right down to the keyword and landing-page level.

To get an idea how valuable our services are, here is a little calculation about Google charges about $2.00 per each visitor they send to our site. So because gets over 50,000 visitors/month, it is worth: $100,000 per month, over a Million Dollars Per Year! 


Here is what one of our clients said:

“I am a dentist and I run a dental clinic in downtown Vancouver. Over 70% of our new clients come from our website because the SEO work has been very good.”


We dominate the SEO market in our area, and we can help You to dominate Your Market. We have very affordable SEO Services.

We provide the same level of SEO as we have for our own website for between $240 and $10,000, depending on how competitive the field is.

For this we optimize for up to 130 keywords. Contact us to request a quote for your website. 

I often get asked why our prices are only half as much as our less skilled competitors.

The reason is that I prefer to pass the savings on to the customer instead of spending that money on advertising or expensive office space. All our customers understand that and really appreciate it.

Sign up for our Affordable SEO Services before we raise our prices!

Sign up for Local SEO: HERE

To Request a Quote or Request an Appointment Call: 604-700-7323

or click below to request a quote via email:

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*Please note that we get a lot of requests. We will get back to you 100%, however it could take a while sometimes

For an in-depth consulting session in person please call to sign up for one of our strategic consulting packages for SEO and Online Marketing ($99): Vancouver SEO Consultant 

Here is a VERY happy SEO client’s testimanial: 

I am happy to give a great review for you. The SEO results have been truly SPECTACULAR!

Brow Bar Owner in Vancouver

Here is a VERY happy SEO client’s testimanial: 

Your killing it Josh! Wow! Keep it up.

Sumer Grewal

Operations Manager,

Team Security and Protection Ltd.

Here is an Extremely happy SEO Strategic Consulting client:

I met with Josh to discuss the best domain name strategy from an SEO point of view. I had a cute domain name that another web design company suggested, I was told that these new domain extensions are very popular and it wouldn’t affect seo ratings. Josh explained to me that .ee is an Estonian domain and I could be #1 in Estonia for my keywords however my business is in Vancouver Canada. It I would continue with it would be a costly uphill battle for search rankings because of the domain. After consulting with Josh we found a domain. That matched the keywords and business I’m looking to attract. Wow what an eye opener in just a short while what I have learned in seo with Josh. It would’ve have cost me years of work and tons of money to try and build this domain. We now have a very powerful domain that has keywords which receive 246,000 exact searches per month , my former domain only got 10 exact searches every month. I now own both the .com and .ca versions and the name can be trademarked. Thank you Josh and for saving me tons of time, money and effort! If you want piece of mind to ensure your on the right track, contact Josh immediately. Luis Ayala, Realtor®

Luis Ayala
Sutton Group West Coast Realty

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