Who needs SEO the Most?

I am an owner of a SEO Agency. We have worked with a local Vancouver business recently. Our works are generally global but we started to do local SEO a few years ago…

Well… The website I got was seriously a kind of spam. All articles were scraped. All content was filled with keywords in every single sentence. So it wasn’t even ranked in search result. The keyword has high competition already. Even in the local… In global websites, you can find cheaper ways for link building at times. However local seo is totally different. You need to spend for it. As same as many others told in the subject, it shouldn’t cost you less than 1000-1500$ monthly to you. Because a single link building costs about 80-150$. You will need links from .au domains. They will be boost for you but they will be also expensive. Besides your SEO company should be knowledgeable (or they should learn it well) about your business. They should ask you questions. Then they should create good and high quality content for your website which is related with on-page seo. They should speed up your website and make research about how to improve UX.

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Who needs SEO?
Who needs SEO? Which types of websites need SEO the most.
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